1. When I saw my old Swedish teacher outside of school and thought she was going to die - which she did the following day.
  2. When I couldn't stop watching a man on the train because I was worried he would get sick - and he had an epileptic seizure after a while.
  3. When I thought that my cat wouldn't come home from the vet, even though he was only going in for a small cut - He had an enlarged heart and had to go💔
  4. When my mother was talking and I wondered why she didn't tell me that my cousin was pregnant - She did after a few minutes. (We live in different countries, so couldn't have known.)
  5. When I kept on thinking that it couldn't be June 16, it couldn't be today, and felt really sad without knowing why - and my grandmother died that day.
  6. When my cousin was talking about being at her friends house and mentioned her friends brother walking in. I immediately thought they would get married - which they did 10 years later.
  7. When a dog looked me in the eyes, and I thought she was going to have puppies - I was right, this happened twice with different dogs.