Movies I've watched in 2016

Running list of movies I hit the box office for in 2016
  1. Hateful 8
    Everything we expected. Which might have been the only problem. (4/5 Bloodbaths)
  2. Hail, Cesar!
    This is my favorite flavor of Cohen Bros. Old Hollywood, big names, mystery, and voice over. The Channing Tatum Musical scene is worth it alone. (4/5 Gay Communists)
  3. Deadpool
    The fan boy film we asked for! Marvel didn't pull any stops. Gag after gag, Ryan Reynold's was perfectly cast for this part. Colossus and teenage Mutant Atomic Sinead O'Connor were weak links but gave Deadpool a great chance to poke fun at the X-Men franchise (5/5 Wolverine Jokes)
  4. The Witch
    Totally dreadful in the perfect sense of the word. The period appropriate dialect adds an extra layer of terror (5/5 sacrificial babies)
  5. 10 Cloverfield Lane
    Mary Elizabeth Winstead has been a favorite of mine and has reluctant-kick-ass-heroine down! John Goodman is phenomenally creepy and the whole movie is an adrenaline roller coaster. (5/5 apocalypse bunkers)
  6. The Boss
    We have our female Adam Sandler, ladies and gentlemen, and she doesn't pull any punches—leading to a few cringe-inducing scenes that verge on homophobic and misogynistic. It's fun to see a woman be crass and ridiculous like the guys, but the message of female empowerment got lost under a lot of name calling and bullying (3/5 boxes of brownies)
  7. Keanu
    The updated Buddy Cop movie for every kid who grew up watching Lethal Weapon and Die Hard. But with a KITTEN! Key and Peele are hilarious and their characters show what a thumb the pair have on the pulse of their audience, but some of the obvious ad-libs can be a drag at times (4/5 Loaded Weapons)
  8. Captain America: Civil War
    I'm just pumped about the introduction of Black Panther (played by handsome-ass Chadwick Boseman) and the new youthful Spider-Man! There are some great fight scenes with amazing hand-to-hand combat, but in the end Cap and Stark are just two old white guys swinging their artificially enhanced ding-dongs around (3/5 enlarged mechanized peepees)