1. Chinatown
    It's perfect.
  2. Godfathers 1&2
    They are perfect. Smaller piece.
  3. The Way We Were
    Allows me to live in a fantasy world where Barbra is really the right woman for Redford. A Jewish girl's dream.
  4. Tootsie
    Yes. Just yes. Teri Garr and Bill Murray. Jessica Lange. Dabney Coleman at the height of his comedic douchiness. Charles Durning. Dustin in heels.
  5. Stepmom
    Ridiculous cathartic tearjerker. Can't get enough.
  6. Singin in the Rain
    Moses supposed his toeses are roses!
  7. It's a Wonderful Life
    Because it must be Christmas. And I can pretend it's my childhood and pbs is playing this movie which is what used to happen before turner colorized it. Ugh.
  8. Valley Girl
    Smart funny and best soundtrack maybe ever. Martha Coolidge!