Don't hate it please! 😬 But this is for you, my light in the darkness. 💜
  1. Ambiguous accented gray fields,
  2. Play delicately, dangerously on
  3. mindscapes envisioning a broken shield.
  4. Fearing, fretting, of losing fateful bonds.
  5. I see my surreptitious, sultry rock,
  6. (What you are to me, no one knows, my dear.)
  7. and sigh, please don't let me see ticking clocks!
  8. For you know, my anxiety does knock,
  9. and I'll never treat us as cavalier;
  10. Nevermore nothing's.
  11. Still something's.
  12. So this must be said!
  13. As descript as our Summer bed.
  14. Apologies read.
  15. I want, I will, but I shall do!
  16. To always be true to you.
  17. To end this where it began, my gray fields
  18. Formidably forgotten now thanks to you.
  19. A smile, a sway, a song of May, I'm healed.
  20. Katherine Elise Harris, please be you.
  21. Katherine Elise (You Know!), I adore you.