1. The light of my life grows a somber shade of dim.
  2. Smothered by shadowy actions of an old sin.
  3. The foundations of our trust, our lifelong bond, crumble in the face of a harrowing mistake.
  4. The walls around your heart, once lowered and ready for us, rise up and again, to the guarded heart they make their stake.
  5. I sit here now, in remembrance of your sweetness, the good that expels from you with a smile, a text, a heartfelt longing for us to meet in forever.
  6. Gone now, trapped between doubt and the consequences of our actions, my punishment locked in my life's woeful tether.
  7. Of misery.
  8. Of self annihilation.
  9. Of your perfection that you will never believe.
  10. Of your beauty that you let sit in desolation.
  11. Never to be realized.
  12. Lost for many more years to come as I sit in my lonely cell, knowing what I've lost, a grim fate to behold.
  13. Let me ponder the end with this ode
  14. To you:
  15. Oh, bringer of joy to the joyless!
  16. How I will always remember our triumphant first kiss!
  17. And how I declare, to your sunshine I will miss.
  18. We've been through the planes of temptation.
  19. Holding on, failing to come out unscarred, knowing that we were each other's revelation.
  20. Of God and his grace you have taught me
  21. Of Satan and his disgrace I have fallen victim with you.
  22. My prayer to my merciful God, I plead undeserving to keep my angel's glee.
  23. He works in mysterious ways, and I long to stay true to Him just like you.
  24. For it is He who brought us together, and delivered to us a, "I'm in love with you too."
  25. I have failed you and you say my blame is all for naught.
  26. Yet I know all too well, this pain I feel right now is equal in our thought.
  27. I'm in love with you Katherine Elise.
  28. Please give those impenetrable rising walls a freeing release.
  29. If not for a life with me, then please, for the next blessed traveler who knows your splendor.
  30. For let me say, in my unbreakable candor.
  31. That you are the greatest gift the world could ask for, and you make me always seek to be better.
  32. Moving mountains to pave way for our life in an earthly paradise.
  33. Tackling the adversities of this cruel world with ease.
  34. Your love burns the way bright; your sweetness melts this heart of ice.
  35. Take tomorrow as you will, but hear my please.
  36. Seek me out tomorrow and grant me one last glimmer.
  37. As I don't want to be plunged into darkness without seeing my love's comforting shimmer.