While you've been away, these little pictures taken from time have kept me less lonely. Let's explore the wonderful world of Katherine that are your selfies.
  1. Static
    A Christmas Day selfie!!! What a perfect present it is!! You may not like this one, but I absolutely adore when you scrunch your face and blow me a kiss through cyberspace, even more so when you kiss me in reality. Cute kisses from my Kitten. 😽
  2. Static
    Another Christmas selfie!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress on you, don't you know? Anyways, I think my words are meaningless when they're trying to describe that smile. Melting. 😁
  3. Static
    Beautiful. Glasses. Katherine. 😍😍😍 Sorry that is was feeling like the least Christmas'y place in the world at the time, but hopefully next year I'll be joining you and we can "enjoy" the weather together. 💕
  4. Static
    That smile. Oh my goodness. I'm dying from the cuteness. ☺☺☺ I know you probably don't like this one, but Katherine, am I glad you sent it to me.
  5. Static
    THAT DRESSS!!!!! That Katherine. 😍😍😍 Please let me unwrap you for Christmas one day, and I'll never ask for anything again. 🔥
  6. Static
    Is there was ever a picture to cement your angelic form, it's this one. I always say you're my very own angel, and it's nice to have a picture that shows that off. 😇😇😇