Not The Last Post In Our Sanctum/Subtleties Of My Love For You

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    I can imagine them precious, very vividly. The way you act when we're cuddling, the way you smile when we walk and talk, the true kindness that you exude whether you believe it or not, the gentleness that lies in your touch when you lotion my skin, the passion that I can feel when we kiss, the list goes on and on precious. πŸ’œ
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    The way you act when we are cuddling. πŸ’ž
    You gently lay your hand on my chest, making circles with your fingers, completely at peace, and you snuggle closer to me in a manner of ways to find complete and utter comfort.
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    The way you smile when we walk and talk. πŸ˜πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ˜
    When we go on our walks, you tend to have this blissful smile on your face as if you have finally found someone that you can talk to unfiltered, about anything, and with each passing step we take, the more I realize that I've found that someone too. Whether it's God and His workings or the state of the nation (Trump haha), or even if it's just talking about what we do next, that smile on your face is what I live for most days.
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    The true kindness that you exude whether you believe it or not. πŸ’—
    Katherine, this is actually one of the things I love about you the most! You are such a good person, as in you always think of others and their plight, you always seek to want to help those who are beyond your reach, even though it may not be our purpose you still try because you genuinely care about people, and really, there's just a sweetness at your core, your very soul, that no one in my lifetime will ever come close to meeting.
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    The gentleness that lies in your touch when you lotion my skin. ☺️
    I love, despite what society want to tell us not to succumb to, the gentle touch of your feminine fingers. I forget sometimes that I'm rough, sorry for that, but as long as I have you nursing my fingers back to health, I have hope that you can teach how to be as gentle with your body one day as you are with mine.
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    The passion I can feel when we kiss. πŸ’
    Every single time I get the blessing of placing my lips against yours I feel this unquenchable hunger for me that I will never be able to sate in the best way possible. I can feel the love you have for me with each kiss, and I hope you can feel the devotion and want for you in mine. Four! (Or five depending on how you look at it. Hehe) Days until I can experience that again. πŸ’•