This especially as we get closer to our special day.
  1. Sweet man, I promise you they will be happy when the time comes. They really do like you, honest. They've all been constantly asking me how you're doing while we've been down here, and Jenna for real likes you a lot--when we walked the other day we talked about you and I, and it clearly makes her happy to see me
    have something that unfailingly brings me joy. 💜 I know dad likes you, because just the other night he sat down with me and we had a (fairly awkward 😜) conversation in which he said he was very pleased with how our relationship is going.💜
  2. I know sometimes it may seem like mom doesn't like you, *but she really does*, she's just having the hardest time of everyone adjusting to the fact that her babies are growing up, and even though sometimes her desire to place us in a steel bubble drives me mad, she truly does like you too. I know I've told you this before, but you just can't
    imagine how mind-boggling it is that I'm with someone, that someone is willing to put up with my bizarre brand of difficultness, and it makes them all happy to see that someone exists who is willing to do so. 💜💜💜
  3. They really do like you, precious. I promise you that. Please try not to worry too much about it, because you'd be worrying in vain: they are all thrilled with us. They can see that we're trying to be a couple God can be proud of, and they can see how much you mean to me, and that speaks highly of you in their eyes.💜💜💜
  4. Static