1. Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say...
  2. Did You Bring Enough For The Class?!
  3. If Someone Is Talkin' Shade to/with You, They are Talkin' Shade ABOUT You!
  4. Always wear clean underwear...
  5. Being Kind Doesn't Cost A Thing-
  6. Always be 15mins early to your destination, or you're late.
  7. Spelling speaks Volumes about you, and not just about your intellect. Know the difference between; their, there and they're. and your, you're. C'mon People!!
  8. You Can't Fix Stupid, Don't Be Reckless!
  9. The Friends You Keep Speak Volumes About Who You Are!
  10. How you treat; pets, the elderly and disabled people says a lot about you as a person.
  11. DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! It's so much easier and far more rewarding!