😡 Really? We should not even have to discuss these things.
  1. Repeating myself. ESPECIALLY through TEXT! TEXT! 😤
    Because it's so hard to scroll through your last couple of messages and see that I have answered your question.......twice already! You should not be surprised if I stop responding.
  2. When people blow their nose, belch loudly or pass gas at the dinner table.
  3. Short responses to messages. Like "Oh", "Yup", "Nice"
    I promise I won't beg you to talk to me.
  4. Cynicism
  5. The repeated question....."What's wrong?"
    This is probably my fault in reality. About 85-90% of the time I'm full of sarcasm, grins and giggles. But rest assured, I'm probably just in deep thought about a current or future project. No need to keep asking. 😘
  6. When people start off a conversation with "Remember when....?"
    It's usually someone from my past that I did something stupid with. And God forbid they let you forget about it.
  7. My conflict of wanting to be around people and wanting an island to myself with no way on or off. Total isolation 😌
    I may just need new friends really.
  8. Deciding which book to read next.
    That might be a new List! 🤔
  9. Mosquitos
  10. "Are you mad?"
    I am now that you asked me that!