Ranking my knowledge of the Mega Mans, Ranked

I'm... Very bored. (I CAN'T DECIDE ON A NAME HELP)
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    Oh boy... I could probably write a Thesis on this series... Egoraptor's Sequelitis got me to check this series out of all things, and it was downhill from there.
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    If Ariga and the Archie comics did not exist I would have ranked the next one above this, which is...
  3. 3.
    I like this series a lot. Very funny and vibrant and in an interesting world with a cool storyline. Definitely ahead of its time, and concept art for this series is stunning. I wish it would get a remake like FF7, and let it live up to what it was originally dreamed to be. I also wish Legends 3 hadn't been dropped. Like everyone else. I can't drop a sick knowledge bomb with it though. (What?)
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    Hey what happened to my favorite characters after the X series? O-oh... Oh. THATS what happened. Wow that's sad. Wow I kinda want nothing to do with this because of how sad it is. Seeing your favorite character die is sad. Seeing them die twice is even sadder. Also these games are HARD AUGH
  5. 5.
    Battle Network
    I wish I knew more about this series. It's a cool one, and I like its ideas. Like the Legends games the characters are very funny and vibrant. One of the two alternate universe series. AND IT HAS A HAPPY ENDING.
  6. 6.
    This is what happened after the Zero series and frankly the lore is boring and bizarre to me. The gameplay is a lot of fun though, I love a good Metroidvania.
  7. 7.
    Sometimes I forget this one exists. Sorry Starforce. I know you came out on DS. Pegasus version I have a memory of looking at while in a Game Stop somewhere. Dunno why. I couldn't tell you a thing except the main guy's name is Subaru.