Biiiig video game nerd here, but I'll put a few down in no particular order.
  1. REZ
    Oh my gosh this game is a visual feast. So addictive and fun to play. You're a hacker of the future trying to save the Internet from being destroyed by its guardian AI, Eden, who has locked herself away out of fear of being shut down. All while shooting down projectiles and enemy viruses coming to stop you, which burst into color and sound to the beat of some great trance pieces.
  2. Child of Eden
    Spiritual sequel to REZ. Same kind of jam, except this time you're trying to save an AI named Lumi to the tune of Genki Rockets. Beautiful more modern visuals. This line of games has a thing with the 4th levels being the best...
  3. Pokemon Platinum
    If I could put a Kreygasm here I would. Favorite Pokemon game. Took what Diamond and Pearl started and made it even better! Improvements on story (which I enjoy), cool Pokemon, the hardest and most rewarding Elite Four/Champion out of any series, I could go on. I love Sinnoh! Palkia is my favorite Legendary and Turtwig is my favorite starter.
  4. Megaman X2
    ❤️ me plenty o' Megaman, the X series being my favorite of the seven series within the franchise. X2 is probably my favorite. In the aftermath of the last game, you play as X searching for the parts of his best friend Zero, all while being chased by three assassins dubbed the "X-Hunters". Seems that Sigma is back too, so time to get busting! (That makes it sound so lame XD) It's a good game that is SO HARD but rewarding.
  5. Animal Crossing Wild World
    And New Leaf too, but Wild World holds a special place in my heart as my first AC game. It was fun to run about and care for my town, talk to the funny villagers and befriend them, and play with a friend of mine over DS to DS. We would trade fruit, reunite cat families, and brag about getting golden tools or special flowers. I still have my original game from 2005, and the 11 year old town of low lake (yes, lowercase) is still alive and well.
  6. Jet Set Radio Future
    My first Xbox game! My VERY first game was a Crash Bandicoot title, but I can't remember which one. But THIS game. I ADORED it. You play as several characters in a skating gang of Neo Tokyo, painting the streets with your pieces to stop Rokkaku Gouji, a fat cat tying to take over the world and music, limiting any kind of free expression. It's a funky game full of life from one of the best eras of gaming. Still gorgeous today!
  7. Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space
    It's been a long time since I played this, but it was really fun. You either played as a Time sweeper Cat who can control time or a Pig who could control space. There's so much I could explain... But it might just be better if you look it up yourself. It was so much fun!