Things I could be doing instead of going back to college this fall

I'm in a very nasty mood right now. I might just end up making myself sound like an idiot. Oh well.
  1. Working a job
    Oh shoot what a mundane thing to say!
  2. Traveling with my dad
    He has been going on a lot of business trips as of late but I'm interested in all the stuff he's been accomplishing on them. Lots of Utility and Tech conventions to expose his product. Getting some hands on with that aspect of marketing and business would be nice. Also traveling the country.
  3. Getting hands on experience!
    Or at least seeing different industries and what they do. Oh yes, what's that, PSU's on the line telling me about all their internship opportunities? Oh yes I remember I chose that college because of them! Little did I realize it's kinda hard to get an internship WHEN YOU HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE WHAT YOU WANT.
  4. I have no fucking clue what I'm doing in life
    Honestly, I just feel like I'm wasting away at my branch campus. Like slowly watching a leaf rot on water in a vase. There. Is. NOTHING. TO. DO. The food is garbage and clubs are at the most inconvenient times and if wasn't for a friend who screwed me over I'd probably be at Main now.
  5. Friends
    I could make some. My my, they might even be decent people! (Okay the friends I had this year were not trash but priorities were on different planets. They all dropped out but one and she's gonna get back to me on that.)
  6. Huuuaaaaughhfbfnfjsndbhhhhhh
  7. I just don't want to go back.
    I felt constantly depressed there. I am a very happy and energetic person but I was some ugly depressed blob there. I never felt like myself and DAMNIT I was NOT going to accept that was me. That was the farthest thing from myself I've ever been.