These mistakes occur when trying to get a word in with my brothers
  1. Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel aren't the same thing
    Well... Sort of?
  2. Captain Marvel (of Marvel) is Sha-Zam
    Nope. DC buddy.
  3. The original Capt. Marvel handed his title over to Ms. Marvel
    Nope. She took up the name at Captain America's request
  4. Calling Pepper, Peggy
  5. Calling Sharon Carter, Peggy
    I may have a problem
  6. Saying that Pepper drives Tony
    That would be Happy...
  7. "Sharon wasn't in Winter Soldier!/Rhodey wasn't in Iron Man 1!"
    Yes they were. To my defense, Rhodey had a completely different actor.
  8. The stone in Loki's staff is actually an Infinity stone
    And apparently is the same one as Vision's?? I thought they were different but ok then.
  9. Other shenanigans include me having to physically show my older bro that Nicky Fury used to be white
    And break his headcanon that Marvel Ultimate Alliance was canon.
  10. We're MCU people, so getting all the knowledge down can be a little taxing XD