Why being home alone is still GREAT

  1. I yell. A lot. AND SING LOUDLY!
  2. I also sing everything
    It becomes a musical. "TIME TO THROW SHIT IN THE TRAAAASH!"
  3. Dancing unapologetically
    And when I inevitably whack something no one is there to laugh but mysef
  4. I talk to the tv
    I get angry at it. I make noisy comments. Lol
  5. I act like a sloppy guy
    It's fun! But then I clean it up because I live with three sloppy guys already and my ma doesn't need a fourth.
  6. Whilst getting rid of old clothes, turning it into a fashion show.
    Just to see if anything fits. And if it does, ALL THE POSING!
  7. More yelling
    I really like yelling
  8. Laying upside down on the couch
    Quite relaxing.