Wines I've drank and did not hate...

Living up to my 30something requirement to drink lots of wine and have opinions.....
  1. Lambrusco
    Sweet and summery and a tad classier than wine-in-a-box
  2. Chocolate Shop
    Pretty much dessert in a also tastes like the despairing tears of wine-snobs, so bonus?
  3. Elk Cove Pivot Blanc
    Tasty fabulousness....not gonna lie, only reason I've had this was cause of a Fancy Pants Wine Event so it's a bit out of my price range.
  4. New Age White
    Makes the best spritzers....also name pretty much predicts it's demographic....Woo "stuff white people like"!
  5. Big House Red
    Just a fun and interesting red to sip and not get punched in the face with "complex oaky notes" or whatever the label says