This is a list of sayings or advice I use to get me through life... Some are mine, some are pieces of advice given to me
  1. Lesser people have done more!
    (I may sound snobbish but it's not meant to be PC... It's my "go to" kick myself in the ass motivator to stop feeling sorry for myself!— "People with less opportunities have managed to succeed at this, people less educated have already figured it out, people less physically fit have concurred this hurdle." etc etc)
  2. Pick your battles.
    Sometimes I feel too passionately and ALL of the time I hate burying my feelings. But I have learned that if I stand up and voice my opinion about everything I felt was wrong or unjust, then the times where my voice truly mattered would seem like "just another" complaint.
  3. Keep your promises to a child.
    I am lucky to have VERY early memories of my childhood. Some go as far back as 2 yrs old, most are flashes in time but mainly I remember how I felt. I remember my mother being my entire world at that age and unfortunately I remember her breaking a lot of promises. She probably thought my attention was fleeting and I'd forget but I didn't. When kids feel let down by an adult it shakes their foundation because adults are who they depend on.
  4. If not now, when?
    I get very irritated with people (and myself if ever applicable) who have tons of plans for things they "are going to do". Every goal has to have a plan attached it or else it's nothing but a day dream! "Don't talk about it, be about it"