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  1. Hey Joe - A young Christopher Walken
    Looks weird enough to get cheated on and unstable enough to kill his girlfriend then escape from his job working in the cornfields to disappear into the Mexican abyss.
  2. Gimme Three Steps - (Angry boyfriend) Gary Busey
    This was a tough one. This guy has to be prone to violence and exhibit erratic behavior. He also probably has a gun rack in his Chevy C10. Think of a six foot five Gary Busey. It's frightening.
  3. Piano Man - Oscar Isaac
    Versatile as an actor. Introspective looking and probably a good listener. Can see him sitting at a piano at a relatively upscale bar, undiscovered and enjoying his work but with a certain sadness about him.
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  1. Los Angeles (2005) - Training on summer vacation for the upcoming college football season at a nice, crowded hotel gym. Heavy squats. Unloaded the bar one side at a time. Bar tips over loudly and all 5 plates clank all over the place. Everyone stops. No one helps.
  2. Bahamas (2014) - Robert Quinn's lovely beach wedding. Everyone is standing and applauding Mr and Mrs Quinn's beautiful moment. Everyone simultaneously is seated. I sit on my wooden chair and it breaks. White Linen suit and I hit the sand. Everyone looks.
  3. StL (2008) - Busch. It's time for the Rams 1st round pick (me) to throw out the 1st pitch in front of a packed crowd of STL sports fans. Catcher tells me whatever I do don't bounce it. I chuckle, nod. From windup, fire it in at approximately 78 MPH. Bad mechanics. Ball sails, nearly hits a war vet at backstop. Ball bounces off wall to 1st base.
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These are some of my favorite albums in relatively recent history. I may be forgetting some, and hip hop isn't included because a list is incoming.
  1. Circuital (My Morning Jacket)
    Best songs: The entire album. This is a rare album you can play all the way through. My favorites are probably "Slow Slow Tune" and "Outta my System."
  2. Magic Potion (Black Keys)
    I wish they'd make albums like this forever but they haven't been able to recreate this sound. So dirty. Favorite songs are "Goodbye Babylon" and "Black Door."
  3. Youth and Young Manhood (Kings of Leon)
    When you look at KOL, all of their albums are pretty listenable start to finish and vary in sounds, which is cool. This is probably my favorite one. Favorites are probably "Joe's Head" and one of my all time favs "Trani." Shout out to my buddy Jared Followill. Good dudes too.
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  1. Shutter Island > Inception
    Both good movies. Shutter Island is better. Inception fed on people that loved to be way to deep. Leo is the man either way.
  2. From Eden is Hozier's best song
    Why is his thumb looking like that?
  3. I do not like Remember the Titans or Hoosiers
    I'm sorry if I insult your 28-41 year old white male sensibilities.
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Best shots from tonight. Pop over to my Instagram to see the full shots.
  1. Album cover?
  2. Sheer Terror
  3. Stop
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I know it's not technically art. If you know me, you know I'm a big kid and that I like to take pictures of minis sometimes. My dream is to one day open a gallery. Here are some of my favs.
  1. (Sloth?) in my parents yard
  2. Bear
  3. Astronaut
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  1. Not my car is the album title I believe
  2. I found this picture on my teammate's Instagram so I went to his house and recreated the pose. Obviously my version would be a better album. Think the album might be called "ugly sedan stories"
  3. Was feeling very artistic on a road trip with some of the guys and got this gem. Album title self explanatory.
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I understand opinions on classic SUVS are very personal. I gave this some thought. No disrespect to jeep but it's obvious I have a Toyota bias. 🏁
  1. Honorable Mention : Icon D200 - I want one of these as much as any of these actual old trucks. This is my favorite Icon build by far. I get butterflies looking at this truck. But it cost as much as a small house and I couldn't include it on the list because it's really a brand new truck. I've also seen them made in green 😍😍😍
  2. Honorable Mention : 69 Bronco - Don't get me wrong. These are beautiful trucks. I had one for two years. It was way too small for me. It felt like a clown car.
  3. #10 : International Harvester Scout : Seems like a cool little SUV but I'd rather have a K5 blazer. Plus they're hard to find because they've evidently all rusted out pretty bad.
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The ones I'm sure of and some that I'd love to hear suggestions on
  1. Dock of the Bay - Nathaniel Rateliff
  2. Purple Rain - Chris Stapleton
  3. Voodoo Child - Florence and the Machine
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This is off the top of my head. I'm sure I'm missing some.
  1. Higher Ground - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  2. Hurt - Johnny Cash
  3. Tennessee Whiskey - Chris Stapleton
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