Notable emojis. Useful, useless, hilarious and ones that make my eyes hurt.
  2. Sun/Moon. These are practically interchangeable and very underrated. I can't tell which one says "I'm listening to or reading the stupidest shit I've ever heard" more. It's also a great way to emphasize sarcasm. I think it's vastly underrated.
  3. Assault fist/fist bump. You can go 2 ways with this, so it can be dicey. However, I use this one a lot. Can be a way of giving thanks, expressing solidarity. It's also a great conversation ender, which is my favorite part of conversations.
  4. Upward raised fist. It's fist bump on steroids for gratitude. Fist bump is like "thanks for texting me that address" where upward raised is like "thanks for saving my life back there"
  5. Eggplant. LMAO. This isn't even a notable vegetable so I just think it's hilarious that someone in an apple lab decided to include an eggplant. Immature inclusion, Apple.
  6. Skull. Solid use out of the skull emoji. Minor threats, displeasure. Also for bad smells or unbelievable situations. If coupled with tears of laughter it's like funny highlighter. It's reserved for shit like people falling down stairs or videos you really shouldn't be laughing at but you do.
  7. Smirk cat. I don't know why. Sums up how I feel in probably 30 percent of situations.
  8. X woman. Just get that bad business proposal out of here. No I don't want to franchise a blockbuster video with you.
  9. THE BAD
  10. 100 Emoji. For the love of God make it stop.
  11. Bathtub lady. This woman looks like she needs a wellness check or medical attention. I don't see it as relaxation.
  12. "Dragon." This dragon sucks. Dragon with deer antlers. I had no idea what it was for 2 years.
  13. For when you just met a blowfish. Use it all the time.