1. Los Angeles (2005) - Training on summer vacation for the upcoming college football season at a nice, crowded hotel gym. Heavy squats. Unloaded the bar one side at a time. Bar tips over loudly and all 5 plates clank all over the place. Everyone stops. No one helps.
  2. Bahamas (2014) - Robert Quinn's lovely beach wedding. Everyone is standing and applauding Mr and Mrs Quinn's beautiful moment. Everyone simultaneously is seated. I sit on my wooden chair and it breaks. White Linen suit and I hit the sand. Everyone looks.
  3. StL (2008) - Busch. It's time for the Rams 1st round pick (me) to throw out the 1st pitch in front of a packed crowd of STL sports fans. Catcher tells me whatever I do don't bounce it. I chuckle, nod. From windup, fire it in at approximately 78 MPH. Bad mechanics. Ball sails, nearly hits a war vet at backstop. Ball bounces off wall to 1st base.
  4. Charlottesville (2016) - Snowpacalypse. Being the man of the house, I go out to shovel my driveway. See my neighbor. "Hey (neighbor)!" I begin to walk over and slip on an undetected sheet of ice onto my ass. In pain. Act cool.
  5. Charlottesville (2012) - Barracks Road Shopping Center. Ran out of gas in traffic. Had to push car.
  6. St Louis (2014) - Ran out of gas on the way home from work in my 1983 Mercury Grand Marquis.
  7. St Louis (2015) - On my way home from the MRI that will tell me I'll need ankle surgery and miss practically the whole season. Ran out of gas. It's 95 degrees out. Sweating my ass off, watching traffic whiz by me and waiting on the results of my MRI, my phone dies. Low point.
  8. Charlottesville (tonight) - Took my wife out to a nice dinner. Reach for the bread. Backhand my full water into the air and all over my wife. People stop eating and look.