I know it's not technically art. If you know me, you know I'm a big kid and that I like to take pictures of minis sometimes. My dream is to one day open a gallery. Here are some of my favs.
  1. (Sloth?) in my parents yard
  2. Bear
  3. Astronaut
  4. Oh shit
  5. The forbidden forest
  6. Epic battle
  7. I cheffed this one up using some green juice and (basil?)
  8. Tomato sauce, tiger, zebra
  9. My astronaut at humpback rock in VA
  10. Very proud of this one. Inspired by mad max.
  11. Ghost ride panda
  12. The awakening
  13. Illegal exotic animal trader. "Yeah, we've got lots of giraffes. How many do you need?"
  14. Can't take credit for this one. Tom Paquette did this but I was there.
  15. Man's best friend.
  16. People at this nice resort were looking at me funny.
  17. Teddy Gram. Delicious.
  18. First snow of 2016.
  19. More from the snowpacalypse. Bitters has multiple uses.