1. Hey Joe - A young Christopher Walken
    Looks weird enough to get cheated on and unstable enough to kill his girlfriend then escape from his job working in the cornfields to disappear into the Mexican abyss.
  2. Gimme Three Steps - (Angry boyfriend) Gary Busey
    This was a tough one. This guy has to be prone to violence and exhibit erratic behavior. He also probably has a gun rack in his Chevy C10. Think of a six foot five Gary Busey. It's frightening.
  3. Piano Man - Oscar Isaac
    Versatile as an actor. Introspective looking and probably a good listener. Can see him sitting at a piano at a relatively upscale bar, undiscovered and enjoying his work but with a certain sadness about him.
  4. Better Man - (dissatisfied woman) Helana Bonham Carter
    Easy to imagine her with deeply unsatisfied.
  5. Boy Named Sue - (dad) Jon Voigt
    Does anyone look like they could care less about naming you Sue? He's holed up in a bar not giving a shit.
  6. Pickup Truck - (boyfriend from the kings of Leon song) Jon Bernthal
    Could anyone be more of a pickup truck driving boyfriend prone to anger and jealousy?
  7. Amos Moses - Woody Harrelson
    So Bayou. I can see it.
  8. You Never Even Called me by my Name - (David's mom) Ann Dowd
    Close runner up was Sandy Martin. I think it's her role in the Leftovers because she otherwise seems like a lovely woman.
  9. Cats in the Cradle - (Dad) Michael Shannon
    I know he was some sort of a traveling salesman in Boardwalk but overall he just looks like a dude that never has time to play catch.
  10. I Shot the Sheriff - (Sheriff) Powers Boothe
    I don't know if the Sheriff needs to be Jamaican but Powers Boothe fits the bill as the evil long arm of the law.
  11. Space Oddity - (Tom)
    With his role as a serviceman fresh in my mind he's a great fit but it's the fact that he looks like a disciplined, brave guy that may be British and would take a crazy mission into outer space.
  12. Stan - (Stalker) Young Christopher Eccelston
    Looks crazy enough to do all the shit in the song. Always pictured a wiry white guy from a northern city in America. This works.
  13. Mind Playing Tricks on Me - (Tall man) Richard Kiel
    Self explanatory