Requested by Amie

Me In A Nutshell

An officer and a gentelman.
  1. A therapist and an introvert.
    Pretty intense about both. Winter gets a bit reclusive.
  2. From Barcelona, Spain, with pride and exhasperation.
    Yes, Barcelona is amazing, blah blah blah, it's also where I am from and I have baggage there, ok? Lots of emotional baggage. I took this pic, though.
  3. Cis gender female identified, hetero, hispanic, white.
    Privileged as fuck, yet still pissed on behalf of all of us. Don't even get me started on all of this.
  4. Worshipper of dogs.
    I have none, I love them all. @amieshmamie can we still be friends? This is my mother's dog and her bff and they give me joy. It's my locked screen pic.
  5. White wine gobbler
    NEVER chardonnay, though. It's against my religion and it's also wrong.
  6. IPA beer is my spirit animal.
    You could only understand how I feel about IPA beer if you thought you loved beer but you had only drunk bland Spanish beer until you were 31 years old. And then one day you tried IPA, and after that, life was never the same.
  7. Nerd
    As an unpopular and uncool kid I read ALL the Dungeons and Dragons books, all Freud, all Erich Fromm (can't remember any of it, though). I wrote poetry and short novels. Guys didn't like me. So, I am not saying it to be cute. I fucking earned the nerd flag. Here's a pic of young, nerd and troubled me.
  8. Older sister without her brother.
    He died about 9 years ago and I adored him. I'm ok now. It took time.
  9. Catalan and Spanish.
    Yes. Both.
  10. Adopted Californian.
    Let me list all the ways I behave Californian: I eat gluten-free, organic, free range, pastured and the occasional green smoothie. I spend a ridiculous amount of time in my car. I am a black belt in non-violent communication. I know my farmer and bring my own shopping bags everywhere. AND, I lived in an intentional community (Esalen Institute in Big Sur) for 5 years.