Why Liam is the Best Hemsworth

This is serious and I'm rising to this challenge. Also, I have too much time in my hands. Don't judge me.
  1. Chris is a fat, in-your-face diamond ring and Liam is a classy pair of sapphire earrings. Chris is just too much.
  2. Liam is sharing a creamy flourless chocolate cake at the end of a perfect dinner with the last sip of wine, and Chris is a fucking endless chocolate fondue that you can't stop digging and doesn't leave room for sex after. Too much, Chris.
  3. Liam a perfect Brad Mehldau concert and Chris is a crazy flashy Norma production screaming for 3 hours. Too much.
  4. Liam is a that little cute local hotel with an amazing fruit breakfast that we all want to find in a Mexico road trip, and Chris is 2 weeks at an all included luxury resort in Barbados. Just too much.
  5. Liam is a 2016 blue Prius with all the fixings, and Chris is a screaming red Lamborghini. Too high maintenance, Chris!
  6. I really hope this settles it, @aubreywhy 😜
    Can we still be friends, though?