My life Is a body of water

sometimes I'm dragged by the undertow. sometimes it's a beautiful sunset.
  1. If we're Depression were an ocean I would be struggling to keep my head above water.
    I'm exhausted. I'm numb. My eyes are on the shore. Fixed on what's to come. Fixed on better things.
  2. If anxiety were a lake. It would be winter and I just fell through the ice.
    I can't breathe. My mind is racing. How do I get out? Where do I go? Is there anyone to help?
  3. If the presence of God was a river. It would be raging with the spring thaw. And I'm bridge jumping.
    Everything is going to be okay. I'm reminded by the refreshing current washing over me. Sweeping me up in the current.
  4. If mercy were an ocean. It would be the tide.
    Beautiful, pivotal, necessary. The waves lapping at my feet as I walk. Slowly creeping until I'm knee deep.
  5. If grace were a lake, it would be at camp, during the sunrise.
    New every morning. Home. Comfort. Love.
  6. If joy were a stream. It would be in unexplored territory.
    Something I'm constantly seeking. Different everyday. But still there.
  7. Love is where the river meets the ocean.
    Mixed and tangled. Beautiful and full of life.
  8. Life is a body of water.
    Full of new things.
  9. It comes in waves.