Beyond school. I'm talking about life here. 2016 was proof that good can come from suck.
  1. Okay maybe 2016 wasn't that bad. It was more weird than anything.
    Like the fact that Harambe got 10,000 votes, and how many pivotal people died?
  2. Lesson one would really be that fighting for something you want makes it mean more.
    I had to fight tooth and nail to start school this spring because of complicated family things.
  3. Anxiety can kick you in the pants.
    but through all the crippling attacks while your lying on the floor not being able to breathe, even though you should be working on something but you can't because that thing make you anxious. Ya know?
  4. Burning it at both ends only works for a while.
    Okay. I've been going and going and going hardcore for like a year now. While I'm at school the only thing I stop doing anything for is sleep. Between social interaction, and homework and class I only get an average of 4.5-5 hours of sleep a night. And while I'm at summer camp for like 15 weeks less than that ( you know homesick campers, midnight madness, staff meeting, the works)
    Yupp. Open up your bible and journal . 'Nuff said.
  6. Your family does not have to be blood.
    I had great friends before school, but I made more great friends. And they all turned into my family, and gbc my home. My actual family doesn't always act like family should do its nice to have a positive environment I can return to.
  7. You can do nothing when not connected to the Lord.
  8. That's it for my first list!