1. Go to a baseball or basketball game of teams neither of you care about so you can just sit back, enjoy the game, and stuff your face with nachos.
  2. Go to a convention.
  3. Grab tickets for a concert and either be right up front for all the fun, or stand in the back so you can have some more one on one time. You know you'll both love to get that causal glance of the other enjoying the music.
  4. Get milkshakes at a diner at 2 in the morning when neither of you can sleep.
  5. Swimming, maybe even have a little competition with best cannonball, belly flop, or who can hold their breath longer.
  6. Both have dogs? Go to a dog park and play fetch with your furry best friends.
  7. Go to a food and wine festival, or an ethnic festival such as Greek or South American.
  8. Take a class together. Once a week doing something you both want to learn can be exciting!
  9. Dress up fancy and go to an opera or musical. Or don't dress fancy and go to a local high school production.
  10. Shopping at locally owned stores that offer unique trinkets. Pick one for each other and trade.
  11. No money? Go to the library together and browse through some cookbooks or activity books to check out.
  12. Fishing on a warm summer day.
  13. Show them your favorite college hang out spot.
  14. Play board games, make it interesting with a bet for a massage or something else you'd like.
  15. Do themed movie nights, like the Godfather and spaghetti, Pineapple Express and nachos, Boondock Saints and Shepherds Pie.