Another original work.
  1. To be staring into an endless sky with stars reflecting the inner most parts of our souls, with nothing but time to love and be loved...
  2. There could be nothing more blissful than a cup of your company, and a dash of your wisdom, a pinch of your spirit, and a sprinkle of love.
  3. To become strangers in a strange land, frozen in eternity, to hear things we've never heard before and to feel things we could have only imagined in the memories of our childish dreams.
  4. To whisper the secrets others have never divulged, to float on clouds of never ending peace.
  5. To climb those mountains that always seemed to high, and to conquer the valleys that appeared ever too deep.
  6. To adventure and plot new points on a map that has yet to be created.
  7. That would be the greatest of dreams, the purest of fantasies, the legend that fairy tales are written of.