I skipped some that were not important...
  1. That time my precious gem of an 86 year old grandma discovered Chipotle.
  2. Handsome Devils. My great great uncles.
  3. Rockabilly Lilly, Social Distortion concert 2015.
  4. Take heed! About to get on Indiana Jones (my favorite ride at Disneyland).
  5. Just a random selfie.
  6. Mom, dad, and I at Newsies!
  7. My grandfather (on the left), while he was in the Navy. He passed away when my dad was 11.
  8. Oceanside Beach, CA.
  9. My best friend and I before going to Disneyland for our birthdays.
  10. The day my dad and I got "matching" tattoos. My orca, and he got the orca's eye.
  11. My daddy and I before going to the Botanical Gardens.
  12. My birth mom and me!