1. This is my mom. She passed away on February 7, 2006. I was 14 years old.
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  2. She (originally) could not have children on her own. She tried for several years but could not conceive, so she adopted my brother and it was the best day of her life. She left journals behind of her journey with trying to conceive and the day she found out she was getting my brother, she had never been so happy.
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  3. She was hilarious! She spent her younger years as a writer, and a darn good one. She wrote comedic pieces for the local newspaper and always dreamed of becoming a big time author. But then, she got sick.
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  4. She lit up a room whenever she walked into it. My mom and dad met while she was attending beauty school (my dad was attending as well after serving his time in the military). She was working on a hair cut, her scissors dropped from her hands and she yelped, "gadzooks!"... And dad said immediately, "I'm going to marry her." And he did.
  5. So they tried for years to have a baby. My brother was about thirteen. She had several miscarriages and was about to give up until the doctor told her to try just one more time... And nine months later, there I was.
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  6. She used to read to me every night when I'd take a bath, and taught me how to swim. We would read Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. She couldn't help herself from reading classic literature. She loved to paint, and draw but most of all she loved to write me poems and letters.
  7. She was a wonderful daughter. The oldest of five, and took care of her grandmother. This is my great grandma, grandma, mom, and I.
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  8. Towards the end of her life she couldn't get out of bed. She spent most of her time watching movies with me and reading. No matter how sick she was, she would always do her best to take care of me. Her laugh was infectious, the best medicine anyone could receive.
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  9. Even up to the day before she passed away, she took care of me. I was sick and stayed home from school. She made me grilled cheese and chocolate milk before she went back to bed. She took my temperature, and made sure I took my medicine. Then the next morning she was gone.
  10. She was the most caring, and genuine woman I have ever met. I am so blessed to have been fortunate enough to be her daughter and to have seen the light she brought into this world.
  11. She didn't get to do everything she dreamed of. She didn't get to see me at graduation, or be there for me when I went through my first break up. But I see her in me, and I feel her every single day. I miss her. This is for my mom, I love you.