1. Meet me in Oregon where you don't use an umbrella even if it's raining. Where the people are eclectic and strange. Where the scenery leaves you breathless, and your heart temporarily stops beating.
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  2. Meet me in Arizona where the sunsets are painted uniquely every night in the heated sky. Where the Grand Canyon reigns as majesty. Where the sun shines for 85% of the year, and where the past comes alive.
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  3. Meet me in Colorado where the Rocky Mountains are almost always snow capped. Where the Broncos ride strong, and everything is a Mile High. Where rivers run free, and hiking is at it's best.
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  4. Meet me in Alaska where it's still the wild frontier. Where wildlife is thriving, and the whales are calling. Where ancient water glistens, and platinum and gold are in such abundance you might just strike it rich. Where the Northern Lights dance in the sky, and you might just fall in love.
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  5. Meet me in Louisiana where the food is spicy and the culture is rich. Where the architecture is romantic, and there is a touch of the paranormal in the air. Where Mardi Gras leaves the city booming, and beads are strewn everywhere. Where the swamps are full of alligators, and adventure is right around the corner.
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  6. Meet me in Michigan where the streets are filled with the Motown sound. Where the lakes are great, and where you dream of Mackinac Island fudge. Where the hockey is legendary, and where motors run the city.
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