1. Okay, so I'm joining everyone in the celebration of Leonardo DiCaprio's first Oscar win.
  2. Though, it is not because I think Leo is an amazing actor (I do think he is but that is not the point of this list...)
  3. Leonardo is revolutionary in the world of celebrities and ecological activism.
  4. Tonight he has given the Earth a voice.
  5. He has given the world a stage.
  6. Our planet is screaming for us to save it, and be more responsible citizens of a domain that we have sought to destroy.
  7. He is a pioneer in ocean activism, and climate change.
  8. Thank you for a full career of incredible cinematic adventures.
  9. For not giving a damn, about giving a damn.
  10. For being a fighter.
  11. Tonight is your night, and you deserve it.
  12. It is about time. Congratulations.
  13. Also, I would like to thank Sam Smith for giving a voice to the LGBT community, Lady Gaga and all of the men and women giving a face to those affected by sexual assault, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu for pleading to the world to end prejudice, and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy for being a victor and champion to the strong women of the world.
  14. Finally, Jenny Beavan for reminding us that if we are not careful, our future will be that of Mad Max. We need to cherish our resources, become serious about making a difference at the smallest level. Yes, even your water bottles. You are not small in this world. You can change it. You can be part of the reason there will be no Fury Road.