1. I am Pansexual.
  2. Here is a brief story on my sexuality.
  3. My first crush ever was on a girl, let's call her "K".
  4. She had beautiful Raven hair that she often braided.
  5. I chased her around the playground.
  6. She was my first kiss.
  7. We were in first grade.
  8. Shortly after "K" had lost interest in playing with me I started having a crush on a boy, let's call him "A".
  9. I would sleep on his shoulder on the bus.
  10. I was totally smitten.
  11. I never got to give him a little peck on the lips.
  12. From that point on I had most interest in boys, but I still had an underlying crush on girls.
  13. The biggest revelation was that it did not really matter if they were a boy OR girl.
  14. If I liked the person, I liked them.
  15. I went on to date a girl, a few boys, a female to male transgender, and a male to female transgender.
  16. I do not see gender as a deciphering factor on if I am attracted to you.
  17. Women are beautiful.
  18. So are men.
  19. So are those that are fluid.
  20. If you're intelligent, sweet, kind, caring, and compassionate, you'll get my attention.
  21. I came out to my dad... Or rather he opened the closet and said, "hey you can come out now."
  22. One day he sat me down and asked me if I was a lesbian.
  23. I shrugged, and said "No... Not really..."
  24. He said, "Well whoever you love, or like, I support it. Love who you want to."
  25. This was before Pansexual was a common term.
  26. One day, dad was reading on his phone and he said, "You're pansexual!"
  27. I quickly looked up the definition, and sighed in relief.
  28. Other people felt the way I did.
  29. I am very thankful to the partners I've had in my life. For my father and his support.
  30. I like whoever I like, and I am proud of it.
  31. My name is Lilly, and I am Pansexual.