1. "What is your opinion on Atlantis?" (Bigfoot, Nessie, Aliens, Ancient Civilizations, or anything paranormal will also work)
  2. "So I see you're a Broncos fan..."
  3. "Tesla or Edison?"
  4. Some sort of witty or funny comment.
  5. "Marvel or DC?"
  6. Forget the comment and just bring me an appetizer to share with you, preferably wings or potato skins.
  7. "Have you ever read _____ ?" (Insert favorite book here)
  8. Ask me a trivia question.
  9. Being honest, such as "I think you're cute, mind if I join you?"
  10. "If you could be a fictitious character from any book or film, who would you be?"
  11. Do a cheesy magic trick.
  12. "Who is your favorite Beatle?"
  13. A Shakespearean quote.