Thank you @dad3 for my first list request!
  1. Wake Up: Mountain Sound - Of Monsters and Men
    Every morning I wake up wishing I was camping and watching the sun come up. With a constant lust to be outside and traveling, this song makes me feel like it's possible to always keep adventuring.
  2. Life: Right Now - Van Halen
    Living life in the moment is so important, but also realizing what is going on around you is a reminder to stay humble. Realizing that right now your life is going on while the rest of the world is too. Don't worry about yesterday, today is a new day.
  3. Childhood: Forever Young - Rod Stewart
    I am a big kid. Ask me my favorite place? Disneyland. I love animated movies, and comic books. I'd run out and play on the monkey bars right now. When I was younger my brother was in the military. Army Airborne Ranger, he served overseas with three different deployments. I kept my mind from going to the thoughts I had about losing him by trying to keep my innocence fresh in my mind. But mainly this song reflects how I know my dad feels about me. Right behind me, win or lose.
  4. Teen Years: The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
    I was a very awkward teenager. I went through puberty before most of my classmates and I didn't make friends easily. I took care of my mom when my dad was at work so I didn't have slumber parties or go to the movies. I had priorities that kept me away from such societal norms so being awkward was what I was good at.
  5. High School: Changes - David Bowie
    I think we all know how this feels. After my mom passed away, I got my first tattoo and first piercing. I dyed my hair black and got my own style. I went through very few phases but needless to say I was pretty much a goth. Though, every year had it's changes.
  6. Death: Haunted - The Moody Blues
    The song that haunted me enough to have the words inscribed on my body. For my mom, grandfather, grandmother, and cousin who all passed away within five years of each other, "forever more I'll be haunted by your love."
  7. Best Friend: Wicked Game - HIM
    This may seem a weird choice but when my best friend came into my life it was like meeting a soulmate. I could never dream I would love someone like her. We've been best friends for nine years, and this has always been our song.
  8. Heartbreak: Different Names for the Same Thing - Death Cab for Cutie
    Pretty self explanatory, heartache is heartache. You can call it what you want but it's always the same on one level or another.
  9. Falling in Love: Home -Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
    But when you are in love it's the greatest. Suddenly everything tastes better, smells better, looks better and you feel like you are finally home.
  10. Mental Breakdown: Lost Cause - Beck
    After my mom passed away it was pretty much just my dad and I. I kept my mental wellbeing stable while he had a meltdown but after he was recovering it was my turn and I fell very hard. Often, I felt and feel I am a lost cause.
  11. Flashback: Fast Car - Tracy Chapman
    Taking care of my dad, and trying to keep my life together while trying to remain positive... All the while just needing an arm around my shoulder and a long drive.
  12. Average Day: I Won't Back Down - Tom Petty
    I try not to let depression or anxiety rule my life. Sometimes it sneaks up on me but I always make a promise to myself to never back down.
  13. College: Love Train - Wolfmother
    This sounds worse than it is. I think this is perfect to explain college for me because I was all about free love and enjoying life, trying not to be inhibited by the little things. Surprisingly I did not drink, nor experiment with drugs but discovering sexuality was a big deal and I am not ashamed of that.
  14. My Rebellious Days: Bad Reputation - Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
    Don't get be wrong, I wasn't a bad kid. I just... Didn't like going to school, and I was a pretty heavy prescription drug user back in the day. I dressed how I wanted, I did what I wanted but the difference was that I respected my father enough not to push certain boundaries. In high school I was the girl that nobody wanted to bring home to mom. Now it's very much so different.
  15. Depression: Life is Beautiful - Sixx: A.M.
    I attempted suicide when I was 17 years old by taking a copious amount of Xanax and pain medication. Thankfully my dad came home early that day and found me. Life is so beautiful and I love it. I'm so thankful that my mission was not successful.
  16. Feeling Sexy: Cinnamon Girl - Type O Negative
    As previously stated, I find sexuality to be a big thing. I'm proud of who I am, and what I am. I love having someone to dance for and this song gets me going. Take a classic, and make it sexy.
  17. At the End of the Day: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life - Monty Python
    I often hum this song to myself at the end of the day no matter how bad my day was. Says it all.
  18. For the record. I am completely sober now, and I don't consider myself to be an addict. I was just angry, scared and didn't know what to do. Being numb was the only way I knew how to survive.