1. I've lived in Arizona for most of my life.
  2. So rain is a rare occurrence.
  3. But I LOVE rain.
  4. It's my absolute favorite.
  5. One day, the sky was overcast but no chance of rain in my city, only in the mountains.
  6. I was disappointed, and having a stressful day.
  7. My best male friend invited me over for brunch, not knowing that I was kind of bummed out.
  8. All the while I was praying it would rain.
  9. He made brunch and we ended up playing Fallout for awhile.
  10. My mood improved.
  11. He grabbed me by the hand and told me to put my shoes back on, we were going somewhere.
  12. He wouldn't tell me where.
  13. We stopped at the gas station and got some iced tea and hot Cheetos.
  14. He took a bandana and tied it around my eyes, and put on a 90's grunge music list.
  15. I kept asking him where we were going, and he told me just to trust him.
  16. So I just laid my head back and relaxed.
  17. After quite awhile we finally parked, he went around to my door, took my hand and lead me out the door.
  18. Still not taking off my bandana.
  19. The steps were uneven but I trusted him to guide me.
  20. Finally we reached our destination and he removed the bandana.
  21. He had brought me up the mountain that was surrounded by massive rain clouds.
  22. We sat down on this large rock, it was warm and I couldn't help but just smile.
  23. Just then, huge warm raindrops started to fall around us, landing on my shoulders and forehead.
  24. The rain started picking up, and I couldn't help but lean back and smile.
  25. We sat there for awhile until we were both soaked.
  26. We ran back to the car, thankfully he brought towels.
  27. I was so happy.
  28. I asked him, "Why did you do this?"
  29. He replied, "Well if the rain wasn't going to come to you, then I was going to bring you to the rain."
  30. It may not sound like much, but it sure meant the world to me. Nobody has ever been able to touch that romantic moment since. It's a memory I keep wrapped up in my pocket, and I am so thankful for it.