1. Watching animated movies.
  2. Hummus on almost anything.
  3. Going on a bagel date with my dad.
  4. Going to Olive Garden with my Earth mom.
  5. When my students discover something new and it actually makes sense to them.
  6. Being called "Princess".
  7. When my cat cuddles with me as I sleep.
  8. Watching the rain fall as I sip on hot chai.
  9. Late night drives.
  10. My ear being nibbled on.
  11. Watching others achieving their goals.
  12. When Whole Foods gets a product back in stock that I love.
  13. Fuzzy slippers.
  14. My football team winning...
  15. But most importantly watching the game with people I love.
  16. Stargazing.
  17. When the squirrels in my backyard come back out in the spring.
  18. Running a mile in good time.
  19. Donating/volunteering.
  20. Seeing a band I love in concert.
  21. Starting on a new book.
  22. Having someone to sing Disney songs with in the car.