How Do You Refer to Reefer?

Inspired by @alextra
  1. In California there's a million different references to weed and the act of smoking.
  2. What do you guys say or call it around the world? How do you say "let's smoke?"
  3. Medicate
  4. Toke
  5. Cheifin'
  6. Wake n bake
  7. Woke n boke
  8. Tea time
  9. Smoke a bowl
  10. Blaze it
  11. 420 friendly
  12. Chief it up
  13. Chop it up
  14. Hit the bud
  15. Devils cabbage
    I heard someone say this the other day 😂
  16. Burn one
  17. Chill
  18. I have a pen that I smoke in public and at work I'll say "I need to go write an essay" and refer to the thc in my pen as "ink"
  19. L to the face
  20. Get stoned
    Suggested by   @alextra
  21. Faded
    Suggested by   @alextra
  22. Cacao
    Midwest via Portlandia
    Suggested by   @PeteOnEarth
  23. Hippy Lettuce
    My friends dad caught us a loooong time ago and said "are you guys puffing the hippy lettuce?!"
    Suggested by   @HisDudeness
  24. 🌲
    Or 🎄 in December.
    Suggested by   @dmoxley