I'll Be in Disneyland Tomorrow. List Suggestions Anyone??

Not a big fan of Disneyland. It's fun just so fucking crowded all the fucking time. But my boyfriend LOVES so we go all the time
  1. Tips for riding all the Disneyland rides in one day
    Suggested by   @Nicholas
  2. Secrets of a Disneyland VIP host
    Suggested by   @Nicholas
  3. How to achieve the perfect Disneyland day
    Suggested by   @Nicholas
  4. Get there when it opens. Beeline straight to the back of the park and work your towards the entrance of the park. Shorter (or no) lines.
    Suggested by   @weimsworld
  5. Rides We Rode Today at Disneyland RIDES WE RODE TODAY AT DISNEYLAND, OR WHY IT'S GOOD TO BE THE BIG SISTER (Probably mostly applicable if you can take a spare baby along to use for rider swap passes.) ;)
    Suggested by   @jessicah