I'm Addicted to Gambling.

  1. My first time was last night. We had plans to go to a casino for a show. The night before, I had dreamt that I was playing roulette and won.
  2. So I took $10 to the roulette table having never played before. I had no idea how to do it.
  3. I put a down 5 chips on numbers I felt I could win.
  4. One was 13 since my nana's birthday is coming up June 13th.
  5. It hit! Next thing I knew, the dealer was handing me stacks of chips! I was overly excited.
  6. Next spin, I chose 7 because of that old Dave Chapelle skit. "SEVUM!"
  7. So 7 hits! No one else is at the table so I'm going crazy!
  8. Yelling to my boyfriend "MY DREAM! MY DREAM!"
  9. I stay at the table and gamble a little away then keep the rest.
  10. Later that night I watch my boyfriend play black jack. I didn't even care, I gambled the rest of my winning away at the black jack tables.
    In my defense, the house kept hitting 21. Of course
  11. So I originally just started with $10 and that was now gone. I took out 20 more
  12. Lost all that on black jack and decided to go back to roulette.
  13. I pulled out another $20 and started winning little by little playing the corners
  14. I was playing it super cool though because the table was crowded.
  15. Ended up losing that $20 as well then called it a night. $50 was enough for me to lose in one night.
  16. The problem is that I'm itching to go back
  17. So now I've decided that I could have a gambling problem on my hands if I'm not careful.