I've Had an Abortion and That's Okay

  1. Abortion is a hot political topic but there's a huge stigma on it if you're talking about your own.
  2. Here's my experience.
  3. The condom broke.
  4. We immediately went to a pharmacy store and bought the plan B pill and I took it immediately.
    These things are $50 by the way! Outrageous. Women's preventative health sucks.
  5. I felt embarrassed getting the pill.
    The embarrassment came natural. That's not okay. I'm taking care of my body and making a decision that's best for me. I shouldn't feel embarrassed to do that.
    Of course I fall under the 3% of American women that plan B doesn't work on. Lol It was scary at the time but now I find it comical.
  7. I had no idea the pill didn't work until a few weeks later when my period didn't come.
  8. I took a birth control test and it came out positive.
  9. So I go to my doctor and talk with him and a nurse. I tell them the situation and I felt extremely comfortable the whole time. It was a good experience.
    This is how it should be. It should be attainable and easy for a women to take care of her body and make her own life decisions. It angers me to know that there are places in our country and the world where it is nearly impossible to get an abortion or it's a traumatic experience.
  10. The doctor gave me 2 pills. I took one in his office and the other was for at home. He said if I throw up the first one, I have to come back and take another.
  11. I get home and THROW UP!
  12. I go back to my doctor and tell him I threw it up thinking it was normal. He looks surprised and says "wow this has never happened before."
  13. Like fuck! Are you serious?? I fall under this small demographic of women that this kind of stuff just doesn't work on
    Maybe it's because I'm Latina and can get pregnant from a high five. Yikes.
  14. So he gives me another and I go home and am able to keep it down
  15. I take the second pill and now I wait.
  16. Nothing nothing nothing and then suddenly...
  17. The worst pain I've ever felt in my life kicks in. It sucks but it was also kind of a relief because I know it's working.
  18. Seriously ladies, get on a birth control that works for you because even though getting an abortion is okay, I never want to go through that physical pain again.
  19. It was like cramps on steroids except way worse. I can't describe how it feels really. I was stuck in bed just moaning. I made sure I'd be home alone because it sounded like I was dying.
  20. So I made a conscious decision to never tell anyone about my abortion. When my relationship got serious with my current boyfriend, I told him. But it was hard and I felt guilty.
  21. Last night I told someone casually for the first time without guilt.
  22. I no longer feel the guilt that is put on by other peoples religious or political views.
  23. It was my decision.
  24. I wanted the abortion.
  25. And now I don't care who knows it.
  26. It is not something we should feel guilty about or ashamed of!