@poweronyourvcr wrote a list on what Jen Kirkmen did on Twitter yesterday. While reading through each tweet, I saw how sharing these experiences was empowering for these women. They saw that they weren't alone and that women all around the world have had the same experience. Everyone can benefit from this exercise so why not?
  1. This was her original tweet. I'll do something similar and will add every suggestion made to this list. Notice how this happens everyday no matter the age or environment.
  2. Here are some of the responses
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  5. Here are some of my stories. Feel free to share yours too.
  6. My most frightening one: A man asks if he can help load our bikes in my car. I say no. He clenches his fists and says I wasn't asking you bitch. My friend says no thank you. I ask him to leave us alone. He picks up my bike &lifts it above his head. We back off and I call the cops. He finally walks away after he sees I'm talking to a police operator
  7. I roll my windows up every time I stop at a red light but that just makes men yell louder and flail their arms more.
  8. I worked in a record store when I was 16/17. Many incidents of sexual harassment from customers, the worst was from a middle aged man who told me he wished I was a present wrapped under his Christmas tree. When he saw that I was uncomfortable, he persisted & kept saying gross things. He did this EVERY TIME he came to the store 😑
    Suggested by @aliciamcelhaney
  9. Walking home alone at night to my apartment. A guy comes up to me and goes "baby where's your boyfriend?" I don't answer and he tries to put his arm around me. I took off running
    Suggested by @drugs
  10. I was on my way to the gym and my hair was in a pony tail. I was riding the train. A man starts running his fingers through my ponytail. I WHIP around and shout WHAT THE FUCK???? This was at 10am on a busy train. No one even turned around. He just smiled at me. I got off at the next stop.
    Suggested by @drugs
  11. A boy in high school told me that if he was my boyfriend, he wouldn't hit my THAT much because he wouldn't want to ruin my pretty face
    Suggested by @drugs
  12. TODAY: walking to get coffee for my boss. A group of boys are waiting out for the bus, I had to walk through them they were taking up the whole sidewalk. They are all staring at me and they won't move. They start making noises like you would make calling to a dog. It was degrading and embarrassing
    Suggested by @drugs
  13. When I was 12 I was helping a family friend move into her dorm room. A male student, who was also moving in, cornered me in a stairwell and groped me. I've actually never told anyone about it.
    Suggested by @krissybell76
  14. So many experiences, starting from when I was way too young. THIS AFTERNOON I was walking during my lunch break (on an empty street) and passed a group of dudes, all of whom stopped talking and stared at me as I walked by. They didn't even need to say a word — I felt so violated.
    Suggested by @lillie_dodd
  15. I was alone at a street fair and a man running a booth told me if he was my dad he'd keep me locked up because he bets the boys won't take their hands off of me. It was so unwarranted, uncomfortable, and scary
    Suggested by @yikes
  16. From being told to smile to "how beautiful" I am to being told that a coworker said I have "a big ass for a white girl" ... To just this morning being honked at by a taxi and the driver yelling "You look fiine!" out the window. ☹️😤
    Suggested by @ashlynparish
  17. And getting slapped on the ass just 4 nights ago ... SLAP DAT ASS
    Suggested by @ashlynparish
  18. As a 16 year old waitress I learned to wear a fake wedding ring because it was the only way to get the old guys to stop hitting on me.
    Suggested by @missy
  19. When I was a manager of a doctor's office a new doctor whom I just met and had never met my husband told me "if you lost weight you'd have a prettier face and your husband would be more attracted to you."
    Suggested by @missy
  20. I was waiting for a cab to go home from my friend's house. A man outside told me I was "very beautiful" and asked if I wanted to go home with him instead. When I said no he didn't leave me alone, and as I walked away he began walking after me, until I full-out sprinted to the next block with people on it.
    Suggested by @klrosenb
  21. While waiting to get drinks from a bar a man grabbed my ass and when I shoved his hand away, firmly told him never to do that again, and moved, he angrily yelled at me from across the bar for 20 minutes. When I went to the bathroom he told a male friend with me to tell me I shouldn't wear low cut shirts if I wasn't "looking for some action."
    Suggested by @klrosenb
  22. My little sister (18) bartends and was recently asked by an elderly man, "Are you here to warm up the hot tub?" And "can I pull your on braids?"
    Suggested by @brovell
  23. Worked in retail store with off-duty police as security. One cop would whistle and give me the eye every time he walked by. Every. Time. Rather I was with a customer or not. Oddly enough, I knew who is daughter was (but we were not friends) and I'd see her out at bars. I literally was the same age as his daughter.
    Suggested by @weimsworld
  24. it was 3 am and i was walking home alone from the library.
    a guy asked if i was single and then got mad when i wouldnt look at him and then followed me for five blocks. i finally saw a security guard from my school and breathed a sigh of relief. when i passed him the guard said, "girl why arent you smiling? a girl like you must have a gorgeous smile. come on. show me!" i walked home the remaining 2 blocks even faster and more scared than before.
    Suggested by @leebear14