Sorry this list is so late. I was pooped from Disney. Also, I'm no expert. My boyfriend is though haha this is how I get through Disneyland while he's the one organizing fast passes and wait times
  1. Espresso
    I start every day off with 3 shots of espresso but on Disney days I make it 5
  2. Snacks
    Makes the time spent in line more enjoyable and go by faster. You save lots of money this way too
  3. Coffee from ghirardelli in California adventure
    Iced mocha during the day and a hot one at night. So good!
  4. Alcohol!
    Go back to the car and pound a few down in the parking lot or go to California adventure. There's a bunch of places that serve beer. You can get 2 at a time. There's also a cone place in cars land that serves yummy vodka lemonade. This makes everything so much fun and helps keep your mind off of your aching feet
  5. Bring someone that knows their Disneyland shit to guide you through the day without having to think about that complicated stuff. Like what time it is. Or where you are.