He's pretty on the spectrum for autism so this is big.
  1. Someone borrowed his chair while he was busy doing something else.
  2. He finished and I said "k you can go sit down now"
  3. When he saw his seat was gone, he immediately looked at me for help or some kind of direction.
  4. I completely ignored him and let him problem solve.
  5. If he wants to sit down he can help himself. If not then he will stand for the rest of the class period.
  6. He kept looking at his chair and the person in it then to me for help.
  7. About 7 whole minutes pass of him doing this and me ignoring him.
  8. Then...
  9. He tapped the girl on the shoulder and said "that's my chair"
  10. She gave it to him and he sat down.
  11. It took him 7 minutes but he problem solved all by himself!!
  12. I'm proud! ☺️