Places in Mexico That Are Right Across the Border

My dad and grandparents live about 45 minutes from San Diego in Baja Ca. These are a few places I like to visit when I go.
  1. Mexican taproom. A ton of Mexican beers I've never heard of before. Located in Rosarito BC, Mexico
  2. La Fonda's. Great view and really good food. The best homemade tortillas
  3. Santo Tomas winery in Guadelupe Valle. The Valle de Guadalupe is home to some world renowned wineries. Santo Tomas has some of the oldest grapes vines in the valley. They also grow their own cocoa beans and make their own chocolate to pair with each of their wines. One of my favorites because you can taste wine and chocolate 😋
  4. El Ciello winery. This one is a favorite because of its wine cellar. Take a tour for $11. You get to taste wine and relax down in the cellar. They also let you keep the tasting glass now.
  5. Or play soccer and have lunch outside.
  6. Tres Valles winery. This was my first time at this one. It immediately became a favorite. It's very tucked away and quaint.
  7. Each wine is named a Native American word out of respect for the different tribes that occupied the land.
  8. Late July is when you can see the different kinds of grapes in full bloom
  9. Ochentos pizza. This place is in the middle of nowhere in the Guadelupe valley. Owned by a husband and wife. The wife is from Naples. Pizza is freaking amazing! She also makes delicious Italian cookies.
  10. The cookies...😋
  11. Although it's in the middle of nowhere, it gets crowded so call and make reservations. Outdoor seating is perfect. Or you can sit indoors with live music.
  12. Traditional Italian breadsticks
  13. There's always a different band playing with different music.
  14. Here's the best part! Their son brews beer! And his micro brewery is located next to the restaurant or you can order his beer on tap with your pizza. This is a red ale. The color is so different. You can tell it's not Brewed in a factory. Taste is even better.