1. This kid has had a runny nose all year long. What the fuck.
  2. What's an ABC party? Am I that old that idk what the hell young people are talking about anymore? I'm still young.
  3. I'm going to ask them what an ABC party is
  4. Wait. It might not be appropriate. I better look it up.
  5. Anything But Clothes? What the fuck??
  6. Why are high schoolers having an anything but clothes party. Why would anyone do that??
  7. Is this why I saw people wearing duck tape and garbage bags the other night at the bar?
  8. If this kid doesn't stop tapping his fucking pen on that FUCKING DESK!
  9. Why is a 9th grader saying "trippin' balls"? Don't say that.
  10. What are you doing with a full bag of salami during class?
  11. This girl has a new set of nails every week. Why do her parents pay for all that?
  12. Do your work and stop eating the salami!