Here's what I think Brian did that day. Probably pretty accurate.
  1. Brian woke up and immediately made the decision to be a shitty person.
  2. He called up his bro friends and made a bro trip to the ocean
  3. First they stopped for Starbucks...because Starbucks.
  4. Brian didn't take one sip of his drink. He wanted to wait so he can take a pic of it with a sweet ocean background.
  5. Brian finally got the perfect shot
  6. He then spent 20 minutes finding the perfect Instagram filter for his 'cool' pic
  7. Then he spent about 30 more minutes coming up with a caption. Something along the lines of "impromptu trip the ocean."
  8. Then the lazy fuck tosses his empty plastic cup at his feet.
  9. Just left it there. Waiting for a gust of wind to blow it into the sea