Weekend Update

  1. Went to my favorite cocktail bar last night. This is a nitro Irish red ale. The head was so creamy
  2. My next drink was called a kiss-n-tell
  3. Not sure what's all in it. I know it has grapefruit juice, gin, and that cucumber which flavors it really well
  4. This was the food truck that was parked in front of the bar
  5. So I got a dog and it was the best god damn dog I've ever had in my whole god damn life
  6. Bacon, mozzarella, poblano peppers, and some kind of magical aioli
  7. The names of their sig cocktails are funny
  8. Today, I went to Lagunitas brewery in Petaluma for my boyfriends bday. This was their around the world flight with 16 5oz pours. Mmmmmm beeeer
  9. Beautiful gloomy day