1. Pillows without pillowcases are disgusting.
    1. What the hell am I doing at night to turn a pillow those colors? 2. Why am I completely ok with nothing but a thin sheet of 500 thread count between me and that stained cesspool? Get your life together Matthews.
  2. Don't even get me started on the mattress
  3. I am apparently a collector of pens and small bits of paper. Like a real big collector.
  4. Bathroom items are most easily moved by dumping into a box titled "bathroom".
  5. Please head to the Salvation Army on Geary in SF for an assortment of most of my clothes.
  6. If you put things under the free craigslist section, be prepared to text a lot of people who hate writing "you" and opt for the 1/3 as many letters "u."