These are the guys they cast when Tom Hanks, Jimmy Stewart, Kevin Costner and Gary Cooper weren't available.
  1. Anthony Perkins, Fear Strikes Out (1957)
    He was much more believable as Norman Bates than he was as a baseball hero.
  2. William Bendix, The Babe Ruth Story (1948)
    Bendix was actually quite adept at playing cops, criminals, and of course, Chester A. Riley. The Babe was just not in his wheelhouse.
  3. Robert DeNiro, Bang The Drum Slowly (1972)
    And he spoke with a drawl, too.
  4. Ronald Reagan, The Winning Team (1952)
    He actually comes off more like a future president than a ballplayer. Maybe that's because his character was named after Grover Cleveland.
  5. Ray Milland, It Happens Every Spring (1949)
    Milland was probably an OK choice for the character he played, a college professor who invents a chemical that causes baseballs to avoid bats and allows him to become a star pitcher in the major leagues.
  6. (BORDERLINE) Robert Redford, The Natural (1984)
    This one makes the list because Redford was 48 years old when this film was released. Redford would have been a great choice -- one might even say a "natural" -- if it had been made in the 60's. But by '84 he was a bit long in the tooth for a guy playing a kid from out of nowhere who becomes a baseball phenom.